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Many small business owners find that they have little time during the day to manage the finances and to maintain an organized accounting system.

time-coins-600Maintaining your QuickBooks online has many advantages, which some are highlighted below. If you want to have your QuickBooks online you have two options, the first is the online QuickBooks offered by intuit. Small service businesses with simple bookkeeping needs may consider using QuickBooks Online. However, the online QuickBooks offered by Intuit generally is designed for use by small businesses with annual revenues up to $2 million and 20 employees and it has many limitations and does not have the same "look" as the desktop version of QuickBooks. Therefore, many small businesses are more suited for QuickBooks desktop edition software as opposed to QuickBooks Online. But, the key advantages of QuickBooks Online are very attractive to many QuickBooks users and that is the reason for QuickBooks hosting services, such as that provided by Simons & Associates.

QuickBooks hosting provides QuickBooks users access to their QuickBooks software with the key advantages of QuickBooks Online and eliminates the key disadvantages. QuickBooks hosting provides users access to their QuickBooks desktop edition software with a local desktop interface or view. The user's QuickBooks desktop edition is installed and runs on a third party terminal server and the user views a virtual copy and accesses their QuickBooks data files just as they would access their data files on their local desktop.

Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks hosting offers the following advantages:

  • Users need nothing more than an internet and a terminal server connection such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection or RDC (formerly known as Microsoft Terminal Service Client) to access their QuickBooks desktop edition software and data files.
  • Users can access their QuickBooks and data files service from anywhere and at anytime. Users can also grant access to bookkeepers/accountants or trusted employees at remote locations. (Simons & Associates QuickBooks hosting service's monthly subscription fee is based on the number of users. The standard subscription fee includes two user logins.)
  • Simons & Associates' standard QuickBooks hosting service allows access to one user and a bookkeeper/accountant. Additional user login access is available.
  • Users enter data directly into QuickBooks, thus eliminating the delays and inaccuracies caused by sending data back to the client for entry.
  • Simons & Associates QuickBooks hosting users do not have to be concerned with upgrades or system backups. Because the QuickBooks software resides on Simons & Associates' terminal servers and the software is always updated with the latest version available. Also, Simons & Associates performs daily backups of the QuickBooks data files, and the backups are moved to a remote location. Thus, client data is safeguarded in the event of a fire or other disaster.
  • Simons & Associates' QuickBooks hosting service has implemented several measures to ensure the security of client data. Passwords must be used to gain access to client data, and data transmitted over the internet may be encrypted using 128-bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
  • All of the features available in the QuickBooks desktop editions are available in QuickBooks hosting. All reports and graphs are available and report customization is not limited.

In addition, our service includes the reconciliation of the bank account, and review of the account ledgers every month. We making the appropriate adjustments for things such as depreciation, and loan amortizations for you to make sure that your records are complete and accurate.

Preparing a financial operating budget is one of the best financial planning tools a small business can do, however it is typically one thing that most small business owners don't find time to do. We will prepare an annual budget that will be included in the monthly financial statements we prepare.

We will meet with you in person or by phone at least once per month to discuss the financial statements, your business finances, the budget, tax planning issues and any other matters that we see in your businesses financial activity that you need to address.

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